APA Style Formatting & Editing

The style guide most commonly used in academia is APA 6th Edition—and it is also among the most difficult to learn and implement accurately.

I have deep experience in editing and formatting per APA style and I will ensure that all components of your dissertation or thesis—table of contents, figures, tables, citations, references, etc.—are in perfect APA format. I have years of experience teaching APA formatting used in research papers and in my own PhD dissertation along with consulting on many others.  

See a sample of our APA editing and formatting services here.

APA Style Services Include:

  • Proofreading for spelling, grammar, and proper APA style punctuation
  • Heavy editing for clarity, diction, flow, and scholarly tone
  • APA formatting for in-text citations and references
  • Formatting or developing tables, figures, graphs, and charts per APA style
  • Formatting table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, and front pages per APA style
  • Formatting margins, fonts, pagination, and other typographical issues per APA style
  • Formatting headings, running head, and headers per APA style
  • Adjusting numbers, acronyms, titles, names, and other terms for consistency per APA style
  • PhD level feedback and consultation on the strength of your content

Please call, text or email me to receive an exact price quote, or visit my Custom Pricing rates page to review my standard pricing.

An APA Style Expert Saves You Time and Frustration

The APA 6th edition style manual is nearly 300 pages long and includes a plethora of details that can take years to master. Our APA style experts are not only professionally trained in APA 6th Ed. but have edited and formatted hundreds of dissertations and theses per APA style. What may take you hours to complete will take an APA expert only a few minutes—and it will be done correctly…the first time!

APA Style Editing Services

Along with formatting your dissertation or thesis, we also offer comprehensive and meticulous APA editing services. From basic proofreading for punctuation to thorough line editing, our APA editing services will ensure that your dissertation or thesis is well written and free of error.

One-on-One PhD-Level Consultation

Are you struggling with writing your dissertation or thesis? My PhD level feedback and consultation can help guide you through the writing process, or provide detailed feedback on all substantive aspects of your dissertation or thesis. Unlike many other online services, we offer one-on-one consultation over the phone, Skype, or in person. You can learn more about our consultation services here.

Custom Pricing

I understand that everyone’s dissertation and budget is unique. The rates below reflect a range of services that I offer and some general pricing guidelines.

If my pricing or service offerings don’t suit your needs, please grant me the opportunity to customize them accordingly. I am happy to be flexible and work with you to provide the service you require at a price you can afford.

Contact me at any time for a free consultation and a no-obligation price quote.

Discounts are available for high-volume orders (150+ pages).
Payment plans available upon request.

Standard Rates

Note: The rates listed below are provided as a general guideline. Since every order is unique, we will need to review the specifics of your project before determining the cost.

Proofreading: Corrects only typos, spelling mistakes, and objective grammatical errors. This service is for dissertations that have already been edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy.
-Standard Rate: $0.014/word (approx. $3.50/page)

Copy editing: Includes proofreading and basic style formatting, as well as improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction, and clarity. This service is for well-written dissertations that require minimal adjustments.
-Standard Rate: $0.025/word (approx. $6.25/page)

Line editing: Includes copy editing, as well as improvements to phrasing, transition, flow, scholarly tone, and style formatting (such as APA 6th etc.). Also includes detailed critical analysis and consultation on the content and organization of your dissertation. Line editing is our most popular order and is suitable for most rough drafts.
-Standard Rate: $0.035/word–$0.045/word (approx. $8.75/page–$11.35/page)

Heavy/developmental editing and consultation: This level of service is ideal for PhD students who are early in the writing process and require substantive help organizing and structuring their arguments and/or addressing their advisor’s feedback, as well as ESL students or others who require extra assistance rephrasing and reformulating their sentences and paragraphs for coherence, clarity, and scholarly tone.
-Standard Rate: $0.05/word–$0.075/word (approx. $12.50/page–$19.00/page), though fees vary per order

Formatting: Includes all necessary adjustments to margins, citations, fonts, tables, table of contents, line spacing, layout, figures, and other typographical issues pertaining to a particular manual of style. I have extensive experience with APA 6th Edition. We can also adjust your document per any university formatting requirements, as long as you provide the style guide. This service is included with most line editing orders.
-Prices vary per order; please contact us for an exact quote.

Consultancy and coaching: Written critical analysis and consultation are included with many of our editing services at no additional cost. You may also call our office at any time to discuss your project with our lead consultant free of charge. We offer phone or Skype consultation directly with your editor or dissertation consultant for $110.00 per hour (discounts available for packages of 5 hours or more).

Custom Orders: We understand that every project is unique. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and determine a price quote and payment plan that work for you. Feel free to call, email or text me at any time.

Is your order unique?

Sometimes what you need is not easily described or categorized by a rates sheet. Please call us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to accommodate them and provide an instant price quote.

Need a “budget” option?

While quality services do not come cheaply, we are happy to try and match your budget. You can also save money by taking advantage of our generous referral rewards program.

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